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Manage all your candidates in one place. Smartly.
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Torre early investors
The first Recruitment Operating System (ROS)
With over 82 unique functionalities, Torre is the only solution that automates all aspects of recruiting.
Professional genomes
No repetitive application processes. Create a professional genome that showcases your experience, skills, interests, behavioral traits, psychometrics, recommendations, connections, reference checks, portfolio, and more in an engaging and attractive way.
Recruit programmatically
No manual labor. Let objectivity, data, and automation do the hard work for you - fast and accurately. Hello, programmatic recruitment!
9 types of AI that match candidates with 112 factors
Decision-tree learning, Dijkstra’s algorithm, Large Language Models (GPT), Machine-learning regressions, PageRanks, Random forests, Recommender engines, Word2vec (NLP).
Auto-build your candidate database
Fix your leaking bucket. Build your candidate databases intelligently. And better yet, automatically.
Powerful feedback loops
Using separate tools leads to poor data sharing, wide funnels, and waste. With Torre, data loops lead to narrow funnels, the speed of automation, and little to no waste.
Discover hidden gems in your database
No manual searches required. Let AI automatically suggest previous applicants for new job openings.
Make an engaging visual impression
Add a video to your job openings to attract more and better candidates.
Proficiency trumps years of experience
Sometimes experience means little more than time spent. Let Torre help you identify candidates with less experience but great potential.
Highly customizable criteria
Find the candidates you want who want to be wanted.
Full-time, flexible, or internship roles
Torre knows how to find, engage, filter, and rank candidates for most job types.
Simple salary calculation
Determine what to offer based on actual compensation expectations of millions of candidates.
Candidate sampling
As you determine your criteria, Torre will show you a sample of matching candidates to confirm that you’re posting your job correctly.
15+ channels to attract candidates
Don’t leave a channel unexplored. Torre’s sourcing identifies and activates dozens of acquisition channels for you automatically: referrals, job alerts, recruiter bot notifications, push notifications, email, WhatsApp, text messages, 100s of job boards, LinkedIn, TikTok, Facebook, Twitter, sourcing and more!
Let AI re-engage your candidate database
We’ll save you time. Via multiple channels, Torre engages previous applicants and referrals to keep their data updated and invite them to future job openings that match.
Automatic on/off optimization of acquisition channels
Save time and money by allowing Torre to turn your acquisition channels on or off as required so you maximize your ROI.
Gamified referrals
Leverage your network. Torre makes it engaging for your colleagues to refer applicants and find out who the top referrers are.
Career sites
Torre’s career pages are simple, robust, and engaging.
Let candidates pre-apply
Don't lose out on great candidates. Torre allows them to sign up and get notified next time you post a job that matches their preferences.
Candidate acquisition analytics
Torre automatically tracks and reports on multiple acquisition channels, including individual referrals.
Ongoing job posts
No need to keep reposting. For vacancies always needing candidates, Torre offers evergreen job openings.
New openings? Let AI alert previous applicants
Torre automatically identifies candidates in your database and notifies them of new openings that match.
Top-notch candidate experience
With carefully crafted automation, Torre delivers a great experience, whether candidates are a match, dropped automatically, or ruled out manually.
Import your existing candidate database
In bulk or one-by-one, import candidates at any stage of your recruitment process.
Automatic résumé parsing
Torre relies on much more than just résumés, but they are a starting point. Torre’s AI parses résumés. When something isn’t clear, it automatically checks with the candidates for added accuracy.
Automatic candidate filtering
You won't need to review non-matching candidates. Torre will filter them out as they apply - and still provide them with a worthwhile experience.
Compensation double-checks
Avoid misunderstandings when making an offer. Torre checks with candidates whether the compensation being offered is attractive.
Let AI surface the top candidates for you
Torre replicates human intuition using 100+ factors to screen, filter, and rank candidates automatically and accurately.
Discover connected candidates
Let AI show you candidates connected to your team - or candidates your team would like to be connected to.
Screening auto-assessment
Artificial intelligence analyses and ranks candidates’ answers to screening questions.
Customize your pipeline
Add or remove stages to manage your candidates. You do you.
Screening question for previous applicants
When you add a new screening question, you can let Torre automatically ask all active applicants to answer it.
Candidate-to-team matching
Torre does a lot more than mere candidate-to-job matching. We also match candidates with teams and leaders using 40+ factors.
Transparent algorithms
Don’t trust black-box artificial intelligence. Torre is committed to unequaled radical transparency.
Quick language proficiency testing
AI-powered. Now we’re talking!
Video screening questions
Save time. Pre-interview your candidates. You can even ask questions in your own videos.
Compensation expectations per candidate
When you offer a compensation range, Torre asks candidates to choose a specific value.
Automated messages
Set automated messages for candidates to be triggered at different stages of the recruitment process - automatic personalization and delivery via Torre Messenger, email, text messaging, and WhatsApp.
Reference checks via recruiter bots
Torre’s conversational AI will get it done for you even before you review candidates.
Next-gen psychometrics
40+ dimensions of candidate professional behavior. No pseudo. All science.
Two-way cultural fit
Pseudo-science stops here. Torre analyzes 40+ professional behavioral traits scientifically and automatically.
Detailed candidate reports
Downloadable PDFs per candidate with executive summaries, matches, mismatches, and useful details.
With one click rule out candidates and give them feedback
By not keeping your candidates in the dark, you'll improve your employer brand quickly and effectively.
Note and message sharing
No need to use multiple communication channels. Share favorite candidate notes and messages with your colleagues using Torre.
Auto-scheduling of interviews and offers
Because life is too short to manually schedule meetings.
Never miss an important message
Torre Messenger is a dedicated messaging app that is fully integrated with Torre’s flows.
Automatic message follow-up
Whenever you message a candidate, Torre follows up on your behalf via email, WhatsApp, and SMS. And the same happens when Torre's AI recruiter messages the candidate.
Satisfaction surveys
Everyone makes mistakes. With automated satisfaction surveys sent to candidates, you can find out where to improve.
Over 20+ integrations
Integrate your candidate pipeline with WorkDay, SuccessFactors, Deel, Buk, and more.
Powerful analytics
From acquisition channels to funnel stats to industry benchmark comparisons, Torre delivers the info you need for sound decision-making.
Let Torre users do the talking:
Tomás Gutiérrez's testimonial
“They seem to have a better talent pool than anywhere else.”
Co-Founder & CEO
María Alejandra Tenorio's testimonial
“On Torre you can find not only quantity but quality of candidates as well.”
Co-Founder & CEO
Alejandro Chavez's testimonial
“It’s easy to use. You can feel confident there's a good team behind the platform that has your back.“
Torre’s Job-Matching Model
Torre`s Job-Matching Model
Fair artificial intelligence.
We’re committed to it.
Fair artificial intelligence.