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Simple salary calculation
Determine what to offer based on actual compensation expectations of millions of candidates.
Salary calculator
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Proficiency trumps years of experience
Sometimes experience means little more than time spent. Let Torre help you identify candidates with less experience but great potential.
Highly customizable criteria
Find the candidates you want who want to be wanted.
Full-time, flexible, or internship roles
Torre knows how to find, engage, filter, and rank candidates for most job types.
Let Torre users do the talking:
Tomás Gutiérrez's testimonial
“They seem to have a better talent pool than anywhere else.”
Co-Founder & CEO
María Alejandra Tenorio's testimonial
“On Torre you can find not only quantity but quality of candidates as well.”
Co-Founder & CEO
Alejandro Chavez's testimonial
“It’s easy to use. You can feel confident there's a good team behind the platform that has your back.“
Torre’s Job-Matching Model
Torre`s Job-Matching Model
Fair artificial intelligence.
We’re committed to it.
Fair artificial intelligence.