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Millions of jobs. Remote-first, hybrid, and local.
It's free
Torre Job Marketplace
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Torre early investors
Let jobs find you
Receive relevant opportunities recruiters and AI pitch your way.
Accurate job alerts
No spam. Torre’s algorithms quickly learn what you like and how frequently you want to be informed.
Discover jobs via connections
Let AI notify you of matching jobs posted by your contacts or their companies.
Backstage access to job stats
When applying, hope is not a strategy. We’ll show you detailed stats about available roles and the companies behind them.
Find the perfect job
Let AI do the job filtering for you using hundreds of matching factors.
Candidate rankings
Don’t guess how well your application is doing. Find out how you rank against other candidates. Dozens of factors explained.
Transparent algorithms
No AI black boxes here. For each application you submit, you’ll know where you stand every step of the way.
Two-way cultural fit
You should fit theirs, but they need to fit yours, too.
Clear messaging
Messages and job notifications in real-time.
Find out who got the job if you didn’t
Sometimes you don’t get the job, and often you’d like to know why. In most cases, we’ll tell you.
It's free
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Let Torre users do the talking:
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“They seem to have a better talent pool than anywhere else.”
Co-Founder & CEO
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“On Torre you can find not only quantity but quality of candidates as well.”
Co-Founder & CEO
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“It’s easy to use. You can feel confident there's a good team behind the platform that has your back.“