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Vice President - Business Development
Texas, United States

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  • M
    VP Business Development
    ML Deer Construction
    Sep 2019 - Current (4 years 11 months)
    - Build work pipeline to over 85 million in first 8 months - Build busniss network footprint · Created and implemented business development plan with over 25 new opportunities for a pipeline of bid opportunities with an estimated 85 million dollars in contracts to increase sales growth within six months. · Increased contractual assets by 6 contracts within 9 months by negotiating partnerships: US Gov JOC (5 year/6 mil), and private work (5.5 mil) in education, medical, US military medical and private environments. · Established multiple MOU’s, Joint Ventures, and Teaming Agreements with key companies to expand the business footprint with governmental agencies and minority owned companies. · Spearhead efforts to develop new markets and conti
  • N
    Board of Director public Remote experience
    National Association of Minority Contractors
    Sep 2019 - Sep 2021 (2 years 1 month)
    - Creation of a Business Development plan, expanding network and business opportunities for network members. - Business Development and project teaming opportunities for members. - Network meeting to Contract with new clients - Network building for collaboration contracts - Created own client list through networking and business contacts - Guest speaker at events promoting company and industry presence Participated in Monthly Board meetings. Assisted with the Lunch and Learn training opportunities for members Created network events for new member recruitment Active with setting up network events for new sponsors and new members Contributed with development of Safety and Health Awareness manual.
  • E
    Aug 2018 - Aug 2019 (1 year 1 month)
    - Expanded on Business Network and outreach. - Secure partnerships adding 28 million in contracts in 10 months - Provide management, leadership and direction to satellite office · Direct planning and execution of short term and long-term goals to increase sales and growth such as designing specific targeted sales goals plan, client surveys and bonus / incentive strategies. · Grew contractual assets by 5 contracts within 6 months by implementing and negotiating partnerships: JOC (3 year/6 mil), METOC (5 years/45 mil) and private work (2.5 mil) in education, medical, military medical and private environments. · Talent scout for high performing traveling teams to secure proper skills in successfully accomplishing company objectives, while mai
  • P
    Panterra Construction LLC
    Aug 2017 - Jun 2018 (11 months)
    - Added 25 million in contracts through sales - Provide Program Development leadership in seek, create and develop new income streams for organization. · Identified and established relationships with four new clients resulting in over $6.4 million in accounts in less than one year. · Successful Project Management skills for delivery of projects; staff, schedule and, budget management · Added significant value to the firm through strategic business development, personal contact list, and construction business skills including assessing talent, training, and building a high-level team. · Providing business leadership consulting recommendations to leadership team.
  • R
    Dec 2015 - Aug 2017 (1 year 9 months)
    - Completed 51 million dollar contract under timeline constraints and under budget. - Provide Project Management leadership and Program Development in the field in the construction of Dialysis Clinics (multiple sites, multiple cities at one time). · Developed an action plan to build company presence and establish a field office focused on the Houston market. Added two new clients with over $13 million in yearly construction contracts. · Built 17 medical clinics throughout state of Texas over 1 year including 6 clinics in Houston at an average of $1.5 m / clinic. · Established and maintained relationships with a pipeline of repeat clients through participation in industry networking events, conferences and, continued educational opportun
  • R
    RCT Construction Consultants, Inc.
    Oct 2008 - Current (15 years 10 months)
    - Ability to create, market and secure military medical contract within first 60 days of business creation. - Created list of network contacts for new contract opportunities - Owned and operated minority certified owned company. Sought out and solicited medical, military contracts on military posts. Created revenue over 1.5 million in contracts yearly for first five years. Created contract opportunities through network - Provided consulting services to clients in business development, marketing, analyst, business management, and company growth trends. · Created a start-up minority certified construction company and completed $4.5 million dollars in federal contracts over four years while managing a diverse contractor workforce. · Created
  • D
    Senior Project Manager
    Dominion Advisory Group
    Feb 2007 - Jun 2008 (1 year 5 months)
    - Wore two hats... one Sr. Project Manager / Construction Director for internal construction company with three subordinates. - Meeting with clients, develop design layout for their business venture, contract it to deliver the keys. - Oversight managment of 45 retail and commercial properties · Experience leading multiple medical, retail & restaurant construction projects at multiple sites at one time. · Accountable for managing owner & client budgets during both build out and finish out phases. · Met with clients, addressed their needs, coordinated with architects, engineers, and subcontractor trades. · Managed subcontractors during construction, remodeling, and repair tasks. · Oversight of 45 retail commercial properties for capital impro
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  • P
    ProCore Project Management public Remote experience
    Aug 2020 - Current (4 years)
    Project Management
  • F
    FEMA ICS 700 National Incident Management System public Remote experience
    Aug 2020 - Current (4 years)
  • F
    FEMA IS 100 Incident Command System public Remote experience
    Jul 2020 - Current (4 years 1 month)
    FEMA, Emergency Response - Emergency Management Institute
  • O
    OSHA 30 Hr Safety and Health Certified public Remote experience
    May 2015 - Current (9 years 3 months)
    OSHA 30 Hour Safety & Health Certified
  • R
    Market Research
    RCT Construction Consultants, Inc.
    Feb 2009 - Current (15 years 6 months)
  • M
    Self taught
    ML Deer Construction, RCT Construction Consultants, Inc.
    Feb 2009 - Current (15 years 6 months)
  • Texas A&M University
    BS Degree
    Texas A&M University
    Aug 1977 - Dec 1983 (6 years 5 months)
    - President of two organizations and chairman of Agriculture Council
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  • N
    NAMC Board Member
    National Association of Minority Contractors
    Feb 2020 - May 2022 (2 years 4 months)
  • N
    Non Profit Organization for Survivors of Domestic Violence & Homeless Disabled Veterans
    May 2019 - Current (5 years 3 months)
    - Creation of multi-housing development program to create housing, educational and economic stability to survivors. - Creation of Memorandums of Understanding with similar and branching organizations to form a better service community. - Director and assistant to Founder Consulting Business Development
  • M
    Houston Foam Distribution
    ML Deer Construction
    May 2019 - Current (5 years 3 months)
  • B
    Business Development, Marketing, Networking and Relationship Team Building
    Feb 2017 - Current (7 years 6 months)
  • R
    Military medical, commercial, institutional, residential and industrial
    RCT Construction Consultants, Inc.
    Feb 2009 - Current (15 years 6 months)
  • N
    Fort Bend ISD
    National Association of Minority Contractors
    - Mentorship
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  • N
    2010 MBDA Emerging Minority Company
    National Association of Minority Contractors
    Sep 2019 - Current (4 years 11 months)
    - Created the opportunity, solicited Federal Government contract managers and secured interview to be awarded fed contract Secure 1st 1.58 million dollar contract within 45 days, 2nd contract valued at 2.75 million within 18 months.